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Hello and welcome.  Thank you for stopping by to see what I am doing here.  I hope you enjoy your experience, and if you have suggestions, wanna ask questions or need to share anything else with you can go ahead and send me an email.  You can usually find me over on Facebook or Instagram.  I look forward to staying in touch with you!!

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Coming Soon!!!


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What Readers Are Saying....

"I read this book in about 3 days. I just couldn't put it down! When I got to the end  I was looking for more and impatiently waiting on the next book that's to follow. Shelly Kew definitely did her thang with keeping my attention"

"When Will My Morning Comes" (WWMMC) great read not just for women.....Shelly Kew's novel is a great read for men. I truly loved reading WWMMC. I was able to connect with the characters because each character situation I acknowledged, I know her, him....

"Hands down, this was a very EXCELLENT read !!! I love the story line, the characters and the flow of the whole book. It was like watching a movie and I can't wait for the next one to drop. I definitely will recommend this book to my family and friends !!! Great Job Shelly !!!!

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